Shooting Victims Honored By Colorado Town And Obama

Reuters reports that the shooting victims in Colorado were honored by the town of Aurora and by President Barack Obama during a special ceremony on Sunday. The families and friends of the victims, as well as the local residents have all joined the officials to mourn the 12 people who lost their lives during the mall shooting.

President Barack Obama flew to Aurora on Sunday to meet the survivors of the Colorado mall shooting and to show his support to the families of the deceased ones. The President and the rest of the people who were present at the mourning ceremony refused to utter the name of the suspect, James Holmes, because they did not want to give him the satisfaction of becoming popular.

Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper began his speech by telling everyone that he refuses to mention his name, so he used the term “suspect A” instead. The second person who spoke was President Barack Obama. He stated that Americans will get over this difficult moment and the only thing that will remain, in the end, will be the sacrifices that victims have made to keep their friends alive during the shooting. He, then, congratulated Stephanie Davies for being brave enough to save her friend, Allie Young by putting pressure on her neck wound. She even managed to keep herself calm and call for help.

Thousands of people were present at the ceremony, but they all preferred not to speak about what happened on Friday morning. They chose to honor the memory of the 12 persons who died and to pray for the 58 injured people, instead of trying to find out the reason behind the shooting.

Authorities, however, will have to continue studying the case in order to determine what might have pushed James Holmes to open fire in the Aurora theater. His professors at the Ph.D. programme he was following were very surprised by this behavior. They claim that Holmes has always been a good student and he never showed any sign of mental illness.

Judging by the evidence that police officers found in his apartment, James Holmes had been planning this attack for a long time. He had purchased large quantities of guns and ammunition without raising the minimum doubt about his mental problems. Shooting range owner Glenn Rotkovich was the only one who refused to serve Holmes because the suspect had “a very deep voice, a guttural rambling” that made him changed his mind. 

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