Shia LaBeouf Starts Treatments for Alcoholism

It seems that actor Shia LaBeouf is now determined to make a positive change in his life. The famous actor is becoming a reformed man, taking seriously the recommendations of the court. So, the famous actor is now receiving treatment for alcoholism. 

Shia LaBeouf made a presence in court in New York City, last week, looking sharp and willing to impress the judge with a serious attitude. Moreover, reports indicate that LaBeouf came in court with documentation to prove that he has managed to stay on the right track, being dedicated to his alcohol rehab treatment. 

The legal problems of the young actor are actually linked to his arrest which occurred in June. It all happened as the actor was attending a live Broadway performance. The bizarre behavior of the star led to a series of charges, including five misdemeanor counts of trespassing, disorderly conduct and harassment. 

The actor is said to undergo treatment at the Hills Treatment Center in Los Angeles. This decision actually came after the actor was ordered to complete no less than six months of outpatient alcohol rehab, following his arrest. 

After the court hearing, the actor’s lawyer claimed that Shia LaBeouf has done a great job complying with his program. Moreover, the actor’s lawyer claimed that he is happy with the fact that the court appreciates his efforts. The actor is set to appear in court once again in March. It is yet to see the evolution he will have until then.

However, the actor seems to be in a better place now. Shia LaBeouf seems to be doing well in his career, too. The star is currently working at Man Down. When it comes to his personal life, it seems that the star is doing quite well, too. He is dating Mia Goth and the two are a happy couple. Maybe the 28 year old star will be able to put an end to his troubles and stay away of scandals. If this time things are great or not for Shia LaBeouf is something soon to be discovered. 

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