Sharon Stone Poses Nude

Sharon Stone is without a doubt best known thanks to her memorable role in Basic Instinct. Considered to be one of the most beautiful and sexiest woman in Hollywood, Sharon remains really seductive, although she is 57 years old now. The star decided to strip for a unique pictorial for Harper’s Bazzar. 

So, Sharon Stone showed off her curves in a black and white pictorial. Sharon made quite a surprising statement for the magazine. “Everybody said I wasn’t sexy and I couldn’t get jobs because of it,” the star said. She also explained that she wanted to show that she could be sexy, so she posed nude for Playboy magazine, back in 1990. And it actually seems that it helped, as Sharon soon got the role of a career, of course the part she played in Basic Instinct. 

Sharon Stone managed to achieve a unique performance in that role. Apparently, her beauty, sexy looks and her powerful career turned out being intimidating to men. The star claimed that no one asked her out following the role in Basic Instinct, which is quite a shocking statement, as Sharon was considered, at that moment, an irresistible woman. 

“I’ve been getting more brazen with flirting, but I don’t think men realize that I’m flirting. They just think, ‘Oh, she’s fun!'” the beautiful star explained. “Do people even realize I’m straight? I think they have questions about it because I have so many lesbian friends right now.” Sharon also talked about a really tragic moment she had experienced back in 2001. 

The star suffered a stroke and she actually believed that she was close to being dead. “When I came to, the doctor was leaning over me. I said, ‘Am I dying?’ And he said, ‘You’re bleeding into your brain.’ I said, ‘I should call my mom,’ and he said, ‘You’re right. You could lose the ability to speak soon.'” The whole experience was terrible for the actress, who actually had to learn how to talk and walk again. 

Sharon explained that she felt that her whole body had changed and she became a stronger person following that experience. She also said that she became more “emotionally intelligent” after that. 

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