Sharon Osbourne At Odds With NBC For Discriminating Her Son

Us Weekly reports that Sharon Osbourne is at odds with NBC because she thinks they have discriminated her son after he was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. As a result, she decided to withdraw from “America’s Got Talent”.

Sharon Osbourne has had a good collaboration with NBC since she accepted to be a judge on “America’s Got Talent”. However, the star was much disturbed by the way her son, Jack Osbourne, was treated by the company after they found out that he was suffering from multiple sclerosis. In her opinion, NBC discriminated Jack when they removed him from the show “Stars Earn Stripes”.

Jack Osbourne was preparing himself for the reality TV show, but producers notified him that he was not included in the final lineup just two days before filming started. David Hurwitz explained that the intense shooting schedule of the series made them think that it was best to let Jack go. He further added that Sharon’s son was just one of the options they were considering, but he was not chosen in the end because “it was found out that the rigors of the show were too intense for him”.

During the show, Jack was supposed to compete against other eight celebrities, including Nick Lachey, Dean Cain and gold medal Olympian Picabo Street, to accomplish military-inspired challenges. The goal of the show is to make celebrities do charity acts.

Sharon Osbourne didn’t say anything about NBC’s decision to let her son go from “Stars Earn Stripes” when she announced her departure from “America’s Got Talent, last month. She posted a message on her Twitter account reassuring Howard Stern that money is not the reason that made her leave the show and finished with suspension points instead of disclosing the real reason.

This week, the reality TV star spoke with PageSix and confessed that she was disturbed by NBC’s behavior towards Jack and she couldn’t have hidden her true feelings during “America’s Got Talent”. She is determined to move on despite the contract that she has with the network. NBC can’t sue her; they can only prevent her from being a judge on similar shows.

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