Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne Reportedly Separated because of a Cheating Story

According to the latest rumors, another celebrity couple seems to be dealing with some problems. The rumors indicate that Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne are going to get separated. The news was reported by E! News, which claimed that Sharon actually decided to kick her husband out of their house, after finding out that he cheated on her with a celebrity hairstylist. 

The news is quite surprising, as Sharon and Ozzy have been married for no less than 34 years. The report indicated that the separation was a mutual decision and that Ozzy has agreed to move out of the house, at least for the moment. Although initially linked to addiction issues, the report claimed that the separation was actually due to a cheating story. 

The Sun reported that Ozzy cheated on Sharon with a celebrity hairstylist, who is actually 22 years younger than him. After finding out about this story, Sharon decided to kick him out of their Beverly Hills home, which reportedly happened last week. The report said that Sharon has known about the affair and now that she had a proof, she could no longer continue her marriage. 

“Sharon went ballistic with Ozzy and accused him of having the affair. She said she had suspected something had been going on for some time and now had proof,” the insider explained. “Ozzy was extremely sheepish and admitted being close to Michelle. It is likely Sharon has discovered calls and possibly meetings.”

Well, if the cheating story turns out to be true, this may not be the first time when Ozzy has been unfaithful to his marriage. Sharon Osbourne has previously opened up about some affairs that her husband had with their children’s nannies. “I caught two of them in bed with Ozzy! At different times. It goes on and on,” Sharon previously said. She also explained that at those moments, Ozzy was not sober. “He’s out of his mind and he’s calling them his first wife, he’s calling them me,” she said.

Even more so, this is not the first time when Sharon and Ozzy separate. The pair has done the same back in 2013, but then the split was linked to the rocker’s use of prescription drugs.

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