Shannen Doherty stars in reality show about own wedding

Actress Shannen Doherty, who is best known to everyone for the role of Brenda Walsh in the Aaron Spelling famous drama series “Beverly Hills, 90210”, is getting her own reality show about the wedding she is planning, Los Angeles Times reports. The “Charmed” star will get into details about her love, Kurt Iswarienko, and will let the cameras follow her around as she is preparing for the best day of her life.

Shannen Doherty is getting married. Her future husband is photographer Kurt Iswarienko. And it appears that the producers from WE TV thought she and luv Kurt are pretty interesting to follow around as they decide how, when and where they will tie the knot. The network made the announcement of the upcoming reality TV on Thursday. The show will be named “The Shannen Doherty Project”. Each episode will last one hour and will give the audience the chance to see in every detail, how a celebrity wedding is planned. So obviously, our question was “What is so special about this reality show that would make us watch it?” WE TV gave some information about the plot.
The audience will be seeing “wedding preparations, a house tragedy that may end in lawsuits, and the next chapter of the actresses burgeoning career”.

Unlike other reality TV series that seem like they will never end, this one has more common sense. “The Shannen Doherty Project” willhave 8 episodes. But don’texpect to see it too soon. The production will start in August and the show will be hitting the screens next year.

Shannen Doherty, 40, and Kurt Iswarienko have been dating since 2008 and recently got engaged. She was previously engaged to Dean Factor in 1993, but they did not get to walk down the isle together as she had threatened him with a gun, just enough to scare him away. The bad girl was then married to Ashley Hamilton, but this didn’t work out, either. Five months later she filed for a divorce. Still not convinced she was not marriage material, she got married to Rick Salmon, this time for nine months. Their marriage was annulled in 2003.

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  1. One of my qualms with reality television is that I always thought of programs to be relatable and uplifting, but completely separate from anything I would experience in my own daily life.

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