Shannen Doherty Saves Suicidal Twitter Fan

“Beverly Hills 90210” star Shannen Doherty claims to have saved the life of a suicidal Twitter fan a month ago. The actress called 911 because the woman was behaving erratically and threatened to shoot herself if Shannen didn’t call her, Us Weekly reports.

Shannen Doherty may not have starred in many movies lately, but her fans continue to love her all the same. In fact, the 41-year-old star was forced to call the police several weeks ago in order to prevent one of her Twitter fans from committing suicide. The 27-year-old woman, whose name has not been disclosed, sent several Twitter messages to the actress and threatened to kill herself if she didn’t get a call from Doherty.

Shannen’s security team advised her to block the Twitter user because they were afraid she could become violent, but the actress wanted to lend her a helping hand. Since she has never dealt with a similar situation before, Doherty felt “completely untrained” to take care of the girl. Calling the police was the best solution she could think of as soon as she received the messages from her Twitter fan.

The dispatcher took Shannen’s request in consideration and asked her to start a conversation with the fan so they could find out her home address. The actress did as told, but she was still worried for the well-being of her fan. “I would love it if you guys would just call back and let me know,” she added towards the end of the conversation.

In spite of the life-and-death situation, the dispatcher was very pleased to have a phone conversation with Shannen Doherty. The operator told the actress that neither he, nor his coworkers could believe the “Beverly Hills 90210” star had phoned them. Doherty, however, was too preoccupied to save her fan to feel flattered by the compliments she received.


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