Shakira Breaks Facebook Likes Record

Shakira has managed to set a record. The beautiful and talented singer is the first person in the world who has reached the number of 100 million Facebook likes. 

The news on the number of likes that Shakira has on the famous social network comes only a few months after it has been revealed that Shakira is the most liked musician on the social media site. So, the talented singer set a record even for Facebook. She just reached the number of 100 million likes. 

Shakira thanked everyone. The beautiful singer claimed that she thanks all her fans for their amazing support and the love they have showed her. The singer posted two videos on Facebook to show her gratitude. And naturally Shakira was as happy as possible to learn about this new record. The star said in a statement that she is really honored. 

“I am honored and humbled about reaching this milestone. Social media and specifically Facebook has helped myself and other artists bridge the gap between the stage and the audience,” the statement released by Shakira says. Even the founder of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg showed his support for the talented singer. Mark commented on the Waka Waka singer’s page. “Congrats! What an amazing milestone for an amazing person,” Mark’s post said.  

Shakira was so happy with the Facebook success that she even shared with fans a collection of her most beautiful posts on the social media. “100 million friends on Facebook! Thank you so much for joining me and propelling me on this incredible journey. I couldn’t do it with you all!” was the message that Shakira shared along with this post on the social media site. 

Well, both Shakira and her millions of fans were without a doubt as happy as possible that this new record was set. In fact, the 37 years old singer is one of the most active artists on the social media sites, sharing a lot of things from her personal life with the fans. Shakira has always claimed that social media makes the interaction with fans much simpler. 

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