Sexy Shoes Lead To Ugly Feet

Recent studies show that 39 % of women wear high heels everyday and 75 % of them already have foot problems due to the pretty shoes.

Dr. Pedro Cosculluela, from The Methodist Hospital in Houston, says that “many women wear shoes to work every day that look great but they are simply too small.”. The shape of the shoe and the height of the heel are leading to serious foot conditions. The most common are foot pain, bunions, arthritic big toes, calluses, hammer toes and plantar. “ The biggest problems we encounter are related to the height of the heel and/or the narrowness of the toe boxwarts” says Dr. Pedro Cosculluela, who is an orthopedic surgeon.

The Narrow Toe Box, even though it look great, it makes women force their feet into it. The poor fit then leads to foot deformities, such as bunions, hammer toes and calluses. The deformities worsen in time, until the big tos loses its ability to sustain the weight of the body, which triggers a lot of pain. It is not a process that happens over night, but it’s happening.  The bunions are bumps on te inside line of the big toe. It causes deviation of the toe to the opposite direction (left). It is caused by shes that are too small, or have a narrow box. They can also be determined genetically. When bunions determin deviation of the foot, it can then cause hammer toes and calluses.

High heels are also responsible for toe deviation. Ina ddition, they can trigger the development of tight calf muscles, which in time leads to ther foot problems: plantar fasciitis, flat feet and Achiller tendonitis.

Dr. Pedro Cosculluela says that it is, of course, better to prevent than to treat. Usually treatment requires a lot of time, unpleasant procedures and even surgery. One way to prevent foot problems is “a simple test to find out if your shoes will fit before you buy them”, says the doctor. Take a pen and a large enough piece of paper to draw around your bare foot. Then put the shoe over the drawing and if your toes stick out of the shoe, they are too small. If you want to buy the shoe, look for a bigger size which will give you more comfort. If you already own the shoe, throw it away!

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  1. All true…every bit of it. Need to take care of those tootsies…being a slave to fashion is a BIG mistake when it comes to your feet!

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