Seth MacFarlane Accused of Stealing Ted Idea

Seth MacFarlane has been accused of stealing the idea for its highly successful movie Ted. A new lawsuit has actually been filled against Seth, lawsuit which indicates that the creator of Ted in fact used an idea that wasn’t his.

Bengal Mangle Productions claim that they created a similar character, years back, named Charlie. This was also a vulgar teddy bear, who lived with humans. Naturally, this is almost the same idea that can be found in Ted. Reports reveal that the lawsuit was filed on Tuesday, in the US District Court in Los Angeles. The lawsuit papers reveal that the screenplay for this movie was created in 2008. This screenplay was named Acting School Academy. Its main story of the one of a vulgar, womanizer teddy bear, who is naturally very funny. 

In the lawsuit it is claimed that Ted was inspired by Charlie. It claims that Charlie, exactly like Ted, is a “human, adult world with all human friends. Charlie has a penchant for drinking, smoking, prostitutes, and is a generally vulgar yet humorous character.” The web series based on the adventures of Charlie was released in 2009. 

On the other hand, Ted was released in June 2012. The very successful movie directed by Seth MacFarlane was released through Universal. The movie has been a spectacular success, which grossed more than $550 million worldwide. This has been the best comedy of the year and its success has been so amazing that it has been revealed that a sequel for Ted is on the way for 2015. 

In the lawsuit that has been filled against Seth MacFarlane it is claimed that Charlie and Ted are very similar, while their entire story is almost the same. The action is naturally changed, but the main idea remains the same. Naturally, the authors of Charlie have not been happy at all to see that Seth took their idea and released one of the most successful comedies of the year. 

Until this point, no comments have been made by Seth MacFarlane and his company. The damages sought in the lawsuit have not been specified. It alleges copyright infringement. 

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