Serial Killer Not O.J. Simpson Killed Nicole Simpson and Ron Goldman

The real killer of Nicole Simpson might not be O.J. Simpson. According to a new documentary, it was a serial killer that killed Nicole Simpson and Ron Goldman.

He’s not one of the most notorious serial killers in the United States, but a new documentary might change that. “My Brother the Serial Killer”, a documentary produced by Investigation Discovery, claims serial killer Glen Rogers killed Nicole Simpson and Ron Goldman, not O.J. Simpson. Interviews with police, prosecutors and the serial killers’ family offer an interesting new puzzle piece to a crime that has authorities puzzled for years now.

Glen Rogers used to brag to his brother, Clay Rogers, about killing some 50 people. It wasn’t until Clay Rogers stumbled upon one of his brother’s dead victims, in the family’s cabin in Minnesota. Eventually, Glen Rogers was convicted for the deaths of two women in 1995 and a few years later was sent to the death row.

Before being imprisoned, Glen Rogers told his family that he killed Nicole Brown Simpson. But when Glen Rogers told his relatives that he was partying and working with Nicole Simpson, nobody believed him. Even his threat that he was “going to take her down” because she was rich didn’t impress his family.

Then, Glen Rogers admitted to have killed Nicole Simpson and Ron Goldman to a criminal profiler. From what the new documentary says, the serial killer knew a lot of things about the crime scene, including who was the first of the two to die. Plus, there are receipts that place Glen Rogers in the area at the time the killings occurred.

The new documentary might not depict O.J. Simpson as the killer, but based on what people are saying about Glen Rogers’ killing of Nicole Simpson and Ron Goldman he wasn’t exactly innocent. Apparently, the serial killer was paid by O.J. Simpson to break into Nicole Simpson’s home and steal a pair of earrings worth $20,000.  In fact, the former football player even told the serial killer he could kill “the bitch” if it was a problem.

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