Serena Williams Takes Fourth U.S. Open Title

The only unforeseen challenge in Serena Williams’ journey to take her fourth U.S. Open title was Victoria Azarenka. But even the surprisingly tight game didn’t putt Serena Williams off from ending a great summer with a new U.S. Open title.

Since the first days of the U.S. Open title, Serena Williams was obviously determined to win. She dominated all her contenders from day one. Sunday’s final brought on a surprise, as Victoria Azarenka had Williams running all over the court and tired her to the extent where the A-list tennis player began making unexpected errors.

By the end of her match with Victoria Azarenka, Serena Williams herself couldn’t believe she actually won. The Serena Williams – Victoria Azarenka game finished with 44 winners and 45 unforced errors. It was for the first time in 17 years that a U.S. Open women’s final saw a three sets battle. It was without a doubt one of the most thrilling finals the U.S. Open has seen for years now.

“I honestly can’t believe I won” confessed Serena Williams as she was just realizing she won her fourth U.S. Open title. “I was preparing my runner-up speech, she was playing so great” Serena Williams told the 23,771 people at the Arthur Ashe Stadium of her final rival Victoria Azarenka.

“Feels like there is no room for mistake. There is no room for a wrong decision” Victoria Azarenka said after the final. However, the 23-year-old tennis player managed to surprise one of today’s most dominant athletes in tennis. Azarenka pushed Williams so far, the 15 Grand Slam singles titles winner made errors that were so uncharacteristic of her.

But in the end, Serena Williams ended the U.S. Open final against Victoria Azarenka and left home with $1.9 million. It was experience that set the score straight. Williams won the match ahead by only two points. “Obviously, I never give up” she said after the final. “I never, never quit. I’ve come back so many times in so many matches. I wasn’t too nervous” added Serena Williams.

Patrick Mouratoglou, one of Williams’ former coaches, said if it was any other player than Serena Williams on court against Victoria Azarenka, the U.S. Open final would have had another winner. “She’s very, very motivated and feels she can win every tournament” Mouratoglou said of Serena Williams, the first woman to win both U.S. Open and Wimbledon in the same season in ten years.

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