Serena Williams relaxes in a bikini on the beach

Serena Williams admitted she’s depressed lately and said she needed to relax.

Tennis star Serena Williams, goes  in Miami to have a sunbath with a girl known as Van and she was spotted while she laughing and joking with her friend.Serena Williams was photographed in a grey bikini top and white slip, sunglasses, a Nike basque and Chanel bag.
Tennis player is recovering after surgery. Serena had a blood clot the size of a grapefruit, despistat to the lung in February.

American tennis player Serena Williams said that the health problems she have had lately had been the most terrifying moment of her life.

Serena hopes to return to work this summer, after her recover from a pulmonary embolism. Williams admitted that she doesn`t knew how serious was the situation until doctors discovered blood clots that  have made her ??life in danger.

Former world leader said that her problems were discovered recently, when she went to hospital for a check. Her leg were more swollen, a sign of embolism, and she could not breathe. The doctors found nothing wrong with her foot, so they did a lung rediografie. Then they found more blood clots to lung.

Serena Williams has played her last match in the summer of 2010, when he defeated Vera Zvonareva in the final at Wimbledon.Recently Williams, aged 29 years, was seen several times  at Cedars-Sinai in Los Angeles.

So after a long period of suffering tennis player deserves to spend a quiet day in the sun.
Who knows? Perhaps this day spent in the company of a dear friend can be a good medicine for Williams.

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  1. hello Serena I hope you get well, I always enjoy watching you play. You and your sister is my favorite tennis players God Bless You And Your Family

  2. God Bless You and your family..Get well soon..You and ur sisters are my favorite tennis players..I enjoy watching u guys playing tennis.

  3. Take some time off from threatening the umpires at Wimbledon this year. Give your blood pressure a rest. The women’s tour will roll on quite nicely without you.

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