Serena Williams and Drake are dating

It seems that after ending things with Rihanna, Drake found another love interest. The famous singer is said to be dating no one else than the most successful female tennis player of all time, Serena Williams. Allegedly, the 33 years old tennis star is enjoying this company, although Serena was warned by her friends that he could have a bad influence over her. 

What is certain is that Serena and Drake seem to be absolutely happy together. The two were seen passionately kissing at a Cincinnati restaurant, during an intimate dinner. The pair tried to keep a low profile on their romance, but unfortunately for them, hiding their behavior was impossible. Some insiders claimed that the two just “couldn’t keep their hands and lips off each other.”

Well, this is not the first time when the two are linked. In fact, previously rumors claimed that the pair had a feeling, back in 2011. However, the two seemed to have ended things. But not for long. In 2014, when Drake was said to be dating Rihanna, there was an incident involving Serena. It had been claimed that Serena and Rihanna got into an argument over Drake, backstage a concert.

Some insiders claimed that the first time when Drake and Serena started dating, things did not work because the singer was not ready for a serious romance, having his eyes on other girls. However, Serena still likes him, so she decided to give Drake another chance to make things work. 

However, it seems that not everyone believes in this romance, as according to some insiders Serena has been warned about Drake and the fact that she might suffer because of this relationship. However, insiders close to Drake said that the star has always treated Serena with respect, as she is a superstar in her own right.  

Drake was also spotted at the Wimbledon, supporting Serena, as she won her 21st major title.  Of course, the pair has not talked about this romance, so the fact that they are dating is yet to be confirmed. 

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