Senator Marco Rubio Gets Romney Closer To Nomination

As the Republican nomination race gets closer to the final countdown, it has become obvious that Mitt Romney can’t win it by himself. So, the way to help gather support ahead of upcoming primaries is by getting endorsements. So far, most members of the Republican party have avoided to make such statements, but Senator Marco Rubio decided Romney’s got what it takes. The truth is that Senator Marco Rubio’s endorsement might just get Romney closer to his nomination.

This Wednesday, Senator Marco Rubio of Florida joined Sean Hannity’s show on Fox News with an important announcement. Rubio considered Mitt Romney has worked enough to win his endorsement, at least, and urged other Republican leaders to get behind him in order to hinder a convention fight.

“In Mitt Romney, we have a candidate, an alternative, that in addition to being successful as a governor … has also been successful in the private sector” said Rubio. It seems that Mitt Romney “offers a very clear alternative to the direction this president is going to take our country”.

But as much as Rubio’s speech on Fox News praised Romney, there’s one other aspect that most likely is going to get the former Massachusetts Governor more endorsements down the line. The Senator talked about the importance of Republican leaders to stand behind Romney in order to avoid a convention fight that will only hinder their chances of taking on President Obama.

“I mean there is no way anyone can convince me that having a floor fight at the convention in Tampa in August is a recipe for victory in November. On the contrary, I think it’s a recipe for disaster” said Marco Rubio in reference to what some Republican candidates have warned it’ll happen in August.

Newt Gingrich, former U.S. House Speaker, has often talked about creating an alliance with Rick Santorum and Ron Paul to be able to stand against Mitt Romney in the Tampa convention. Just last week, Rick Santorum and Newt Gingrich were counting their delegates and found they needed to gather 1,144 to become nominee. And from their point of view, Mitt Romney is also going to have a hard time making that mark.

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