Self-Driving Cars are a Danger to Safety, FBI says

The FBI are not that happy with the fact that Google is working at the highly famous self-driving car. They claim that these cars are actually extremely dangerous and they may easily grow crime rates. 

The Guardian entered into the possession of an FBI report which revealed that self-driving cars can even be lethal weapons. So, this report indicates that the FBI worries that hands-free driving means that criminals can use their hands for other things, such as shooting or anything similar. 

Moreover, the FBI says that such cars can easily be used as bombs and this hypothesis is not actually impossible. These vehicles can be loaded up with explosives and sent on their own to whatever place or destination and can naturally produce a lot of harm and damage. 

Of course, the fact that the FBI worries that these things will happen doesn’t mean that they will actually do. Although the risk is there and their worries are not made with no basis, the FBI also sees the benefits of self-driving cars. They claim that these cars can be safer and they can make the traffic easier. The report revealed that “the risk of distraction or poor judgement leading to a collision that stems from manual operation would be substantially reduced.”

Moreover, these vehicles can be absolutely perfect for surveillance, the FBI report indicated. So, surveillance can turn out being much more effective, as well as easier, with the use of these new cars. However, this is all that The Guardian published from the FBI report, so other conclusions have not been revealed at this point. 

Self-driving cars, such as the ones released by Google, are not going to be out very soon, in the future, so at least for now, the FBI has nothing to worry about. Semi-autonomous vehicles might be out sooner than that. Google’s self-driving cars aim to make driving a more relaxing, simpler and a safer experience, for millions of people from all over the world. The technology used with this purpose is without a doubt spectacular. It is yet to see when a self-driving Google car will be released on the market for the first time. 

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