Self-Driving Car Unveiled by Google

Google is quite busy presenting the world its self-driving car. The famous tech giant has made a new, important step on the way to change the future of the automobile industry. 

The tech company has presented a prototype of the self-driving car, without any manual controls. Google claims that the purpose is to release a car that is better driven than what we can see today. So, the idea is for the Google car to be a better driver than many humans.

The new concept does not come with the possibility offered to passengers to control direction, speed or anything else. The user of a self-driving car made by Google will only have to enter direction and admire the views on the way to his destination. The car is conceived in such a way to be quite safe, so the maximum speed that it allows is 40 km per hour.

Having a self-driving car is a great comfort, reps from Google claim, saying that once people will discover this comfort, the car will become a must have. Still, for now this is just a prototype, so we will most likely have to wait for years until the car will become fully functional and will be seen on the streets. 

Currently, California and Nevada are the states which are more open to the idea of self-driving cars. However, Google expects the new concept to become popular all over the world. Until now, Google has presented a model which allows the person on the driver’s seat to take control over the vehicle at any time. The recently released concept is a brand new one, allowing the former driver to be just a passenger, doing other activities in the car. This can be really important for people who have to travel a lot for work.

Google’s director for self-driving cars, Chris Urmson, says that the company plans on working more on this technology, to take it to the next level. So, what Google wants is to increase the technology up to a point in which people will actually be able to call up the car and have it ready to take them to whatever wanted destination. Without a doubt, this will be an amazing comfort and a unique functionality.

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