Selena Gomez Wants to Leave Rehab

According to some new rumors, Selena Gomez doesn’t want to spent time in rehab any longer. The rumors indicate that the young singer is ready to leave the facility, although she might have not overcome all her issues. 

Selena previously revealed that she decided to check into the medical facility to be able to focus on her health. The star is known to have been diagnosed with Lupus. However, now it has been reported that Selena doesn’t want to stay in rehab any longer. The news was reported by In Touch, which claimed that Selena wants to leave the venue as soon as possible because she actually “feels like hell” there. “She absolutely hates it there,” one source told the celebrity site. 

The insider did not reveal that much about why Selena wants to leave this place. However, the source claimed that the singer’s friends and family are not happy at all with this situation. Actually, they hope that Selena will be able to overcome her personal issues. “Everyone is worried. Everyone’s just hoping Selena gets better,” the source concluded.

Although the source did not talk about Selena’s reasons in wanting to leave the rehab facility, some rumors indicated that it may have something to do with Justin Bieber. Rumors are saying that Justin might be the reason why Selena is dealing with depression and is unable to focus on her career. Allegedly, Selena’s family knows perfectly well that Justin is the one to blame for the young singer’s situation and this is the reason why they have asked the star to stay away from her. 

In other news, Selena has been associated to a new project. So, some rumors indicated that the young star may actually return to the Disney Channel with a new series. The rumor said that although nothing is 100 percent sure, there are chances for Selena to star in a new Disney show. Without a doubt, many Selena fans would be happy to see the young singer returning to Disney with a new project. However, it is yet to see if the rumors will be confirmed.

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