Selena Gomez Upset with Fat Shaming Comments

Selena Gomez has recently shared a photo from her vacation in Mexico, showing a curvier body shape. However, almost immediately after the pic was shared, a series of mean comments followed. The beautiful star was criticized for gaining some extra weight. While the star seemed unaffected by the mean comments, sources claim that Selena was in fact really hurt. 

“Despite her public posts about loving herself, Selena is struggling with people talking about her weight gain,” a source claimed. “She’s saying all the right things, but it’s hard to hear people call you overweight. It really hurts and crushes her self esteem.” Luckily, Selena has all the support she needs from her loves ones. 

“Selena’s family and friends have been surrounding her with love and support which is great. No one wants to see her fall,” the same source explained. “It’s important that she keep working on music and lining up more film projects. the last thing her friends and family wants is for her to sit around and obsess about her weight or her haters or even worse Justin.”

Well, it has been claimed that Selena is suffering once again, as the star has recently separated from her rumored boyfriend, Zedd. Selena and Zedd have never confirmed the fact that they were dating, so the separation was not confirmed, either. However, it has been claimed that following this split, Selena felt very sad, not knowing what to do with herself. She actually went to call Justin Bieber, texting him and talking to him. However, insiders said that Selena is not willing to get back together with her ex. 

The star is just dealing with some self-esteem issues caused by the comments linked to her weight, combined with the breakup from her DJ boyfriend. Well, hopefully, Selena will be able to overcome these difficult moments in her life and the star will move on. It is yet to see if the rumors will be confirmed and if Selena and Zedd have separated. Moreover, it is yet to find out who the beautiful star is dating, in case she is seeing someone at the moment. 

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