Selena Gomez Talks about Lupus Struggle

Selena Gomez has previously confessed that she suffered from Lupus. Now, it seems that the star decided to open up about her struggle with this disease. The star talked about the disease in an interview with GQ magazine. However, it seems that it was not easy for Selena to open up, as the singer initially refused to answer the questions about her Lupus diagnosis.

Actually, GQ claimed that it took a long time before Selena decided to give an answer to these questions. “First off, this is something that everyone always wants to fixate on. I got diagnosed with lupus. My mom had a very public miscarriage. So I had to cancel my tour. I needed time to just be okay,” the young singer said. 

The star went on to say that those moments were very difficult for her. “I went to two different locations for those treatments. It’s really frustrating, because I’m 100 percent allowed to have that, but I think people just want to have some sort of – I understand what you’re asking but I’m just saying, I don’t think it really matters,” she said.

The singer also claimed that she was quite sad that people were so interested in this chapter of her life, instead of her future plans. “My past seems to be way more fascinating for people than my future, which bums me out,” Selena said. 

Selena also explained that she wanted to keep this health problem private and she never told anyone, except for close friends and family. However, she was able to keep the secret until visiting a children’s hospital. She claimed that she was asked by one of the kids there if she ever had to deal with such a problem and then she confessed that she had lupus. 

During her interview, Selena also talked about growing up in the public’s eye and said that “we’re easy targets.” “Every single kid who was brought up like this is an easy target,” she claimed. Selena has always been very direct about this subject and it seems that stars are not happy with too much media attention.

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