Selena Gomez’s surprise encounter with Shia LaBeouf

Little did Selena Gomez know about what was prepared for her a few days ago. Everybody knows she’s got the biggest crush ever on Transformers star Shia LaBeouf. So now she got the chance of a surprise encounter with the man of her dreams. See how she reacts below:

Back in 2008, Disney star Selena Gomez shouted to the reporters to let Shia know she is available. Since then, nothing really changed. She is still a big fan of fellow Disney star and maybe more than that…meaning admiration may not be the only feeling she’s got for him.

Some crafty work – kept secret, of course – from Selena’s handlers made the encounter between the two possible, at a television studio. Shia was brought in a make-up room, where Selena would enter afterwards. She had been told she is going to meet some of her fans. She had her pen ready, for autographs. When Selena, 18, entered the room and saw the fans were, in fact, Shia, 25, she immediately freaked out and went back in the hall with one of the most sincere “Oh My God” ever heard. Shia, who was having a make-up done, got up from the chair and followed her to the hall. “Hey, nice to meet you!” he said. You can see she was very embarrassed by what her first reaction was.

A few moments later – not many if we can still see a blushed Selena – she was in another room exclaiming “Oh my Gosh, he’s so handsome!” Shia’s publicist was there and she told Selena not to worry that much about her reaction as being inappropriate. “That’s actually nice and refreshing to see somebody that genuine… Trust me, he likes it,” she said.

Later that day Selena uploaded the video with the encounter on YouTube and posted a message on her Facebook page :”Best … Day … Ever”.

But she’s still seeing Justin Bieber, right?

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