Selena Gomez Rushed To ER After AMA

Selena Gomez’s night at the American Music Awards ended badly as the singer was rushed to the emergency room. According to the Inquisitr, the actress was feeling under the weather and her staff wanted her to be tested for strep throat.

The three awards that her on again off again boyfriend, Justin Bieber obtained during Sunday’s edition of the AMA, might have caused a vein to pop in Selena Gomez’s fragile neck. The actress-turned-singer was rushed to the emergency room as soon as the gala was over because she was feeling sick.

Reps explained that Gomez was not as sick as the others might have thought. It was just her throat that was bothering her and she wanted to make sure that everything was alright. The singer was afraid she could be suffering from strep throat, which is why she requested doctors to perform tests on her.

Normal persons would have waited until the next day to go to the hospital, but ‘waiting’ is not celebrities’ favorite term. Especially when the media seems to be more interested in your ex-boyfriend’s trophies than your hairstyle or clothes. This might explain why Selena rushed to the ER in the middle of the night over a strep throat suspicion.

Doctors reassured her that she was not suffering from any medical problems and the singer was sent home for rest. She told the press that she was afraid she might have caught bronchitis from her father who was sick last week.

Sources claim it wasn’t only the neck that troubled Selena, but also her heart. It is no longer a secret that Gomez and her boyfriend, Justin Bieber, have been through a rough period lately. After announcing their official separation last week, the couple decided to give their relationship another try, so they agreed to meet on Saturday. The dinner was not as pleasant as they thought it would be as the two lovers ended up quarrelling. Despite this, Selena and Justin were seen holding each other’s hands during the AMA party.

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