Selena Gomez Could now be Dating Orlando Bloom

Selena Gomez’s personal life seems to still draw a lot of attention. Since her official separation from singer Justin Bieber, Selena has been linked to a series of men. The beautiful singer has never confirmed being in an official relationship with any of the men she was said to be dating, but this does not mean that the rumors stopped. 

Now, it has been claimed that the young star could be dating no one else than famous actor Orlando Bloom. Selena and Orlando were spotted getting quite cozy at the actor’s birthday party. So, Orlando celebrated his 38th birthday and Selena was among the people invited at the event. The former Disney actress decided to share on her social media account the fact that she attended this party. 

Well, Selena and Orlando were spotted getting quite cozy, thus, immediately rumors emerged. In a picture shared by Selena’s friend and manager, Orlando and the singer are seen smiling, as he put his face close to Selena’s. Selena also shared a photo from the party, but it did not show her alongside the actor. 

However, the message shared along the pic was quite a sweet tribute to the actor. “Happy bday Orly – celebrate kindness and who you are,” the star shared. This is not the first time when Selena and Orlando are said to be dating. The two were linked various times since Selena ended her relationship to Bieber. However, the rumors were never confirmed. 

And they may not be true this time either. An insider talking to Hollywood Life said that Orlando and Selena did not hook up and there is nothing going on between them. At least for now. The insider told the celebrity site that although the two are not a couple, they were very flirty.

The insider went on to add that maybe in the future something will happen between them. “Chances are, it will happen in the future as they aren’t against it.” Well, it is yet to see if Selena and Orlando are interested in each other and if a romance could happen in the near future. 

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