Selena Gomez Could attend the American Music Awards

It appears that Selena Gomez is doing much better and the star may actually attend the 2016 American Music Awards. According to the latest reports, Selena could be out of rehab and ready to get out there in the public’s eye by making her first public appearance since her most recent treatment stint.  

The news was reported by E! News, which indicated that the young star will make an appearance at the upcoming 2016 American Music Awards. Selena has been in rehab focusing on her health for weeks now and the star has not revealed too much about her condition. However, a series of rumors have emerged linked to the famous singer. 

Some of these rumors claimed that Selena Gomez and her former boyfriend, Justin Bieber, were planning on getting married. A report from In Touch claimed that Justin even went to propose to his former girlfriend while Selena is in rehab. The report indicated that Justin asked Selena if she still has feelings for him and it appears that the answer was positive. 

The magazine indicated that Selena did not hesitate in telling Justin that she was still in love with him. The pair started to keep in touch and this led them to make some new plans together. So, the two started to bond, although the report did not reveal exactly what triggered the duo’s reconciliation.

Of course, the rumors were not confirmed and it surely seems that they were not true. Selena and Justin have been separated for quite some time, so there is no wonder that the rumors turned out being false. 

Well, Selena was recently spotted out for lunch with her family and the famous singer seemed to be enjoying a great time. Selena look good, happy and healthy. Some onlookers claimed that the young singer was really enjoying herself. 

As imagined, Selena has not talked about these latest claims, meaning that it is unclear if she is really out of rehab and if she really plans on attending this musical event. Some rumors even claimed that Selena might have an on-stage performance.

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