Selena Gomez Checks into Rehab

It seems that Selena Gomez decided to take some time off to focus on herself and on her wellbeing. According to several sources talking to US Weekly, the star is currently under treatment at a facility in Tennessee. 

Selena revealed at the end of August that she wanted to take a break from her tour to be able to manage her “anxiety, panic attacks and depression.” It seems that she has been recovering at this treatment facility and is doing better. “Selena is dealing with lupus, but this break is to focus on her mental health,” one insider explained. “She can go to a very dark place.”

The same source told US Weekly that the star has chosen Nashville as the perfect place for her treatment because this is a private and quiet place, although it is “super intense.” Another insider claimed that Selena is currently not working on her music. The insider said that the beautiful singer was supposed to start recording, but this is yet to happen. 

“She was supposed to be recording, but she hasn’t told anyone when she’ll be back in studio,” the source claimed. Well, if Selena is not focusing on music, she is surely spending time with her family. One source explained that star has enjoyed a dinner night with her mother and her stepfather and had a great time. She also had breakfast with her grandparents and was seen laughing a lot with them. The star looked relaxed when she was spotted out with her family. 

This is not the first time when Selena takes a break from her music to be able to focus on her health. Actually, the young star did the same back in 2013, when she took some time off to undergo therapy for lupus. Selena then interrupted her Stars Dance tour. The famous singer checked into rehab in 2014 for the first time. The star claimed that she just needed some time off to be okay. 

It remains unclear for the moment how much time Selena will spend at this facility. The singer has not commented on the report. 

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