Selena Gomez Asks Justin Bieber to Reconcile with his Mom

Justin Bieber seems to be dealing with some issues once again. The famous singer has decided to cancel two appearances and he is believed to be dealing with some personal issues, although the nature of these issues has not been revealed.

Well, Selena seems to perfectly understand what Justin is going through and she has the solution that the singer might be needing. So, according to some insiders, Selena thinks that Justin needs to repair the relationship with his mom, Pattie Mallette. The famous singer is quite sure that Justin really needs his mom.

The fact that the relationship between Justin and his mom is not perfect was actually revealed by the Baby singer during a recent interview. The star claimed that his relationship with Pattie was actually “pretty nonexisting.” Justin said during his interview that he was sad because he knows that he had disappointed his mom, adding that he was actually scared of talking to her. Their relationship had been distant for the last two years.

“I was distant because I was ashamed. I never wanted my mom to be disappointed in me and I knew she was,” Justin explained. Well, Selena is determined to help her ex understand that he has to address this issue.  

“Selena is huge on family and thinks Justin could benefit from some much needed, quality time with his mom,” an insider told Hollywood Life. “He’s got so much on his plate right now and Selena knows that Pattie always has a soothing affect on Justin,” the same source added. The insider also claimed that Selena knows Justin really well and she “knows he needs a lot of support right now from the people who know him the best and love him the most. People who have his best interests at heart.”


Although Pattie and Justin are not very close at the moment, the singer’s mom has always shared how proud she is of her son. She did the same now that Justin has set a record when it comes to most songs ever on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. “Good job @justinbieber! You were born for this. You shine so bright. Thank you for sharing ur gifts! #SoProud love love love xoxo Mama,” Pattie shared on Twitter. 

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