Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber to release a Song Together?

It seems that Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber are finally ready to give their fans what they want. Well, this time the rumors are not saying that the two famous singers will reconcile, but that they will actually release a collaboration. So, finally, Selena and Justin might work together to release new music. 

Such a project would definitely be very interesting to discover. However, it has not been confirmed, so everything is just a rumor. The rumor first emerged after Selena shared a 2-second video on her Snapchat in which fans could hear her voice in the background singing Justin’s latest song with DJ Snake, Let Me Love You. This led to speculation that Selena’s voice will also be featured on the song. 

Well, before fans put their hopes too high, it is important to mention that DJ Snake has answered to the speculation. He shared a Twitter post in relation to these claims, which he latest deleted. E! Online reported in this now-deleted tweet DJ Snake claimed that Selena did not collaborate at the song. 

He actually claimed that the young singer recorded her own version of the single. MTV also reported that the star recorded her own version of Let Me Love You. However, it remains unclear why Selena did so and if she plans on releasing this song, as the singer has not commented on the claims. 

Well, the only thing that is certain is that Selena and Justin continue to be linked in a way or another. Ever since their separation, the two have been constantly associated, while many rumors indicated that they planned on reconciling. Furthermore, they have been several times seen in each other’s company and numerous times social media posts hinted that there may be something going on between the two. 

For instance, back in March, Selena was spotted at Justin’s Los Angeles Purpose World Tour concert. Some insiders claimed back then that Justin was trying to win Selena back and he wanted to do something “big and extravagant for her” to show her that he is really serious. The rumor has not been confirmed and both Selena and Justin seemed to have moved on. 

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