Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber still have feelings for each other

Maybe, the reason why Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber have been fighting on social media lately is linked to the fact that they still have feelings for each other. At least, this is what a new report has been claiming. So, some sources said that the love between Selena and Justin is not completely gone. 

Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber stopped being a couple for quite some time. However, although they are officially separated and have been linked to different people, Selena and Justin are constantly associated. And they also might have some troubles in letting go of each other. An insider talking to E! News claimed that Justin actually still cares a lot about Selena and has tried numerous times to show his affection. 

“They have a rocky relationship,” the insider explained. “They were very in love at one point and went through a lot and so some feelings just don’t go away. Justin’s made a lot of mistake but he’s matured and grown up,” it went on to explain. “He has made attempts in the past to show Selena he cares for her but the timing hasn’t been right. Justin has been seeing a few different girls,” the source said. 

The insider claimed that the reason why Selena and Justin haven’t met is actually linked to the fact that they have both been traveling, being very busy with their careers. Well, if the claims made by this insider are true or not is something yet to be found out. However, this is not the first source who claims that Justin and Selena might still have feelings for each other. 

Another source talking to Page Six confirmed the claims saying that Selena still cares for Justin. “He was her first love, and he still has a major hold on her. If he texts her, her world stops. They came up in this business together as sweethearts – those feelings will never go away,” the source said. 

Justin and Selena have not commented on these latest reports. The two stars have created headlines this week through some acid comments on Instagram. Selena at some point accused her ex of cheating on her. 

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