Seinfeld talks about Prince William and Kate Middleton royal wedding

American stand-up comedian Jerry Seinfeld has found an original way to promote his stand-up comedy show that will support in London in June: he started to spoke about the royal wedding between Prince William and Kate Middleton.

While millions of people looking forward to “Wedding of the century” between Prince William and Kate Middleton, the American comedian Jerry Seinfeld (56 years) believes that the event is just a “circus act”. The famous comedian is not among on the fans of the event .

Asked what he thought of the royal wedding during an interview for a British television station,  (the show “Daybreak”), Jerry Seinfeld said sarcastically “I’m very excited. “

Then the comedian explained the reaction saying that the royal wedding is a game of dress-up, typically British, and that we should pretend with all that we are special people.

However, Seinfeld had words of praise to the British, but these have been expressed increasingly ironic. Comedian added that that`s why the British have the best theater in the world, because they wear the most elegant and they pretend that they are like you.

“It’s fantastic. We have nothing like that” concluded Jerry, on behalf of the American people.
His comments have provoked harsh reactions.The host of the show “Daybreak”, Adrian Chiles wasn`t amused by the jokes that comedian have done after he saw the interview.Adrian Chiles said he would accept any criticism of the royal family, but only from an English, not  from an American . And he suggested that Jerry’s show to be held in the Tower room instead of O2, where is scheduled.

“It’s an absurd circus act. Let’s pretend that we are special people”

Seinfeld has become known throughout the role of the comedy series that bears his name. “Seinfeld”, which lasted nine seasons (between 1989 and 1998) is known as a “show about nothing” because the story of friendship among four people apparently trivial, devoid of sentimentality or moralizing elements from many other films.


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  1. Who does he think he is? At least neither of them is STEALING someone else’s spouse, and he’s not so special, either, so why does he seem to think his opinion matters? I’m sick of hearing about it, but I’m not out there INSULTING two young people getting married just because they happen to be in the public eye., I feel the same about a load of HOLLYWOOD weddings…but you never hear him making a squawk about those…

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