See The First Flying Car At The New York Auto Show

If a few years ago, flying cars were possible in the animated series Jetsons or in science fiction movies, a company made it possible for people in 2012 to see the first flying car that can actually fly. You can see the first flying car at the New York Auto Show.

For quite some time now, auto shows were interesting mainly for those people fascinated by cars or with enough money to shop for the latest trend in luxury autos. Now, for the first time in years, an auto show brings science and science fiction to reality, as Terrafugia will be there to show off its prototype flying car.

The first flying car ever to make it in an auto show is branded as Transition and in last month’s test it flew at 1,400 feet for eight minutes. Obviously you won’t be able to reach the altitude of commercial jets fly which is 35,000 feet, but for the purpose of a flying car the 1,400 feet should offer you clear skies to drive through. The flying car has two seats and four wheels, so far looking like most ordinary cars. What sets it apart is a set of wings that can be fold so you can drive it on ground based roads too.

Plus, the car doesn’t cost that much, compared to other cars. The Terrafugia Transition is estimated to cost about $279,000. So, if you want one you should hurry to make it to the list. There are already about 100 people that placed a $10,000 deposit to make sure they will get a Terrafugia Transition when it eventually go on sale. And take it from us, if you want one, you’d better call and wire that deposit now, because when this car will be featured at the New York Auto Show the waiting list is going to skyrocket.

However, if you’ve always dreamt of taking off when the commute gets too slow, Terrafugia’s Transition isn’t your vehicle. The car needs a runway and it will go around 70 miles per hour on ground based roads and only 115 per hour when flying. The first flying car uses automotive fuel and uses about 5 gallons each hour while flying.

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