Secret Story 4: Finalists freak

The pseudo couple Robin and Charlotte (see video of the famous kiss) and Antony made off, then the turn of the sultry Julie to make a comeback in the house of secrets. And what more appropriate than an evening to celebrate princess – although Julie curled in a blue satin dress, made up as gentleman bof Senna – the return of the bomb. So little dance in which the damsel gave each finalist a small gift outlet. “You’ll need good tomorrow.” Promise. But what? Sunglasses, of course. Matching gifts from a nice little note. Senna not breathe a word but is obviously very moved by the letter of the girl. A council Senna: learns by heart and then eats there, because if the bed Amelie … Ouch. Otherwise, well rest Benedict. Conquered since the test dredge of Wednesday afternoon, facing Bastien, meaning, if the basketball mania both the language the ball.

Memories …
On the eve of the final candidates reminisce with nostalgia their debut in Secret Story. Their fantasies as well. When Senna flashed on Julie.
Julie: “I take all of me. Would have loved to take his place?”
Senna: “I had what I needed after …”
Benedict: And this is where “Julie for life, Amelie for a night.”
Senna: “Ah, after I corrected.”
To the delight of viewers. A pseudo marriage, a baby nickname, a pseudo break … remains to be seen what comes of it in real life.

Stephanie has had enough
Since the return of Julie, Stephanie has repeatedly bavasser. Amelie by it, Amelie and there. The other blonde takes for his rank. “The worst thing in the end it was me what was jealous of her for what she said.” A strength to speak, one wonders if even what has really played between Miss Miss tuning and camping. The title of Miss Secret Story perhaps?

The obsession with the final
“Tomorrow night Secret Story is finished, there is more.” Well done Ben. And in the house, everyone is limping along in its own way. Senna has a “knot in my stomach” or balls at all, according to Bastien for the phenomenon (of the ball in the stomach) does not exist. Stephanie she became a scrub. Everyone has different ways.

Meanwhile, as we must fill the time between now and tomorrow, the Voice has offered its “story” to the inhabitants. In “Once upon a time” everyone must write his story in Secret Story. Not win for everybody. A verbal is already complicated, then written, thank you. Might be better to begin preparing its effects … 24H, this queue.

Finally, the surprise of the Voice for the last night is … the return of Anne-Krystel, less than a week after his departure … Hard, Voice, there. Whatever … all have more than a hastily: Dare Dare leave the house.

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