Second Patient With Bone Marrow Failure Saved By Pluristem Stem Cells

Reuters reports that the second patient with bone marrow failure was saved with the help of the stem cells produced by Pluristem Therapeutics. The fact that two patients have been cured in less than three months makes this discovery one of the greatest achievements in the medical history.

Israeli company called Pluristem Technology developed a placenta-based stem cell treatment that could bring a lot of benefits to people suffering from bone marrow failure. So far, two persons have been cured by their affections after following this treatment, but scientists take great confidence in their PLX cells.

The 54-year-old woman who was recently cured through the placenta-based stem cell treatment was diagnosed with lymphoma cancer, so she had to undergo chemotherapy. Her condition grew worse and doctors recommended her a bone marrow transplant. Unfortunately, the transplant and the rest of the medical procedures were unsuccessful.

The patient was eventually taken to Jerusalem’s Hadassah Medical Center where she was intramuscularly administered an injection of the PLX cells. Her condition was thus, significantly improved because her blood counts increased. Later on, she was released from the isolation unit and discharged from the hospital.

Reuven Or, director of bone marrow transplantation and cancer immunology at Hadassah, released a statement saying that the patient suffering from bone marrow failure was miraculously saved with the help of the Pluristem stem cells. He further added that the patient was in a very bad condition because of her low level of white blood cells. In addition, her red blood cells and her platelets were very low, so the woman was at risk of contracting life-threatening infections. Or concluded by describing the PLX treatment as a “medical miracle” because it managed to save the lives of two people.

Pluristem stem cells could be used to treat other bone marrow affections in the future. According to scientists, the treatment might be really effective in the recovery of bone marrow in case of bone marrow transplant failure. Scientists have reasons to believe that PLX cells can help recover even the bone marrow that has been completely compromised because they saved the life of a seven-year-old girl suffering from aplastic bone marrow. 

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