Second Masseur Accuses John Travolta Of Sexual Battery

A second unidentified masseur accuses John Travolta of sexual battery, one day after the actor was sued for sexual harassment by another massager working at the Beverly Hills Hotel. The second victim, known as John Doe Nr. 2, was attacked on a different occasion; therefore, he joined the $ 2 million lawsuit on Tuesday.

John Doe Nr. 2 claims he was offering massage services to John Travolta during his stay at the Atlanta hotel on January 28 when the actor tried to convince him to initiate sex. Just like John Doe Nr. 1, the second victim claims that the actor rubbed his leg and touched his genitals hoping to convince the masseur to have sex with him.

Although the two victims wish to keep their identities secret, Reuters reporters have managed to get their hands on a piece of information that might help differentiate between the two. According to the amended court documents, John Doe Nr. 1 is a resident of Texas, whereas John Doe Nr. 2 lives in Georgia.

The accusations that the two masseurs bring against Travolta are very much alike, despite the fact that they took place on two different occasions and locations. They have both stated that they were contacted by an unidentified representative of the actor who took them to Travolta’s private hotel room. While they were massaging the famous client, the “Saturday Night Fever” star began touching their intimate body parts.

John Travolta’s spokesperson told the press that the lawsuit is a shameful fabrication and his client will be fully vindicated in court. On the other side, Okorie Okorocha, the plaintiff’s attorney, declared that many victims came forward since the first accusations were made on Monday. He is determined to file claim for every single potential victim because he thinks John Travolta needs to be held accountable for his deeds.

Okorocha further added that he is convinced he will have to deal with a very difficult trial because the actor is a very influential person. Nevertheless, he is prepared to stand up to him. He concluded the interview by explaining that his clients did not wish to go to the police because they were afraid the police would not believe them.

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