Sean Penn Receives Award For Haiti Humanitarian Work

Most of the golden class celebrities of Hollywood are truly working hard when it comes to humanitarian causes. While Sean Penn isn’t a philanthropic globetrotter like Angelina Jolie, the actor received an award for his humanitarian work in Haiti.

Sean Penn did not receive just any award for his work in Haiti. He received the 2012 Peace Summit Award, handed by Mikhail Gorbachev, Dalai Lama and Lech Walesa. The award seemed to be overwhelming for Sean Penn who became visibly emotional during his speech about the Haitian refugee camps and earthquake rescuing tales.

The jury in the 2012 Peace Summit Award seemed quite amazed with how committed Sean Penn was to his humanitarian work in Haiti. When Udo Janz, United Nations’ high commissioner for refugees, introduced Sean Penn to the stage, he said: “He actually exchanged his home in Malibu for a tent. Think of it as the Oscar for your humanitarian commitment Sean”.

“It’s an overused phrase I know, but I trust you know its genuine today, I am humbled. I’m trembling and I like it” said Sean Penn as his speech had several moments when he seemed to lose grip and succumb to emotions. But, Sean Penn isn’t just any actor, he’s one of the best in Hollywood and his award winning speech had surely hit the right audience.

Sean Penn and other celebrities were so impressed with the tragedy that struck Haiti two years ago that many have given a hand in the rescuing and restoration processes. But it looks like only Sean Penn went as far as to actually get his hands dirty.

Maryse Kedar, president of a foundation Sean Penn worked with, said: “At the beginning, we thought he was going to be like one of the celebrities who don’t spend the night. I can tell you that Sean surprised a lot of people here. Haiti became his second home”.

Some have even asked Benjamin Krause, a man working close by Sean Penn in Haiti, why isn’t the actor just signing them a check. Krause responded: “I have no idea how much money Sean has. But suffice it to say that if we are spending more than a million dollars every month we would bankrupt Sean very quickly”.

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  1. For everyone calling Sean Penn a fool, a communist, a publicity seeker, and a phony, what have you done to help the people of Haiti? More than likely, little to nothing! Spend the time it took to call Sean names and try to do something positive and constructive for Haiti! You just might find it more fulfilling than slinging mudd!

  2. Really? A phony fool? an idiot? What have any of you done for Haiti? What humanatarian deed have you done lately?
    I don’t understand people that can’t just appreciate what others do instead of thinking there is always a underlying motive. I for one struggle to make ends meet and only wish that I could help and do more.

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