Sean Combs Changes Name Back to Puff Daddy

Known as Sean Combs, Diddy, P. Diddy, Puff or Puff Daddy, the famous rapper seems to have decided on just one name. He changed back his name to Puff Daddy.

Puff Daddy has actually used this name for his new single, Big Homie. The rapper has already released a tease for the clip of his song, in which he is seen walking through a supermarket with his impressing fur coat.

Luxury cars, fur coats and bling-blings have always been seen in the videos released by Puff Daddy. The big release of the new video is set to take place on March 31. In the video fans will be able to see French Montana and Rick Ross, too. French Montana is the executive producer of the new album released by the star.

So, the new video is not the only project that Puff Daddy plans on working at. Actually, the famous rapper will release a new album, which is surely going to make all fans extremely happy. The fourth album of the singer, MMM, is actually the first that Puff Daddy releases in no less than 4 years.  

Until now, Puff Daddy remained silent about the date when the new album will be out, but he is surely working at his comeback. So, the new album is expected to be absolutely great. The last album released by the rapper is Last Train to Paris. Reports indicate that this will be a completely solo album, the first since 2006.

Maybe, Puff Daddy is just willing to return to his successful musical career and this is why the change of name came at this point. However, it is yet to see how successful the new single will be and how fans will receive this album that Puff Daddy plans on releasing.

Throughout the years, many successful projects have been linked to this star. Puff Daddy made his debut in the music industry back in 1997. Then, he released the album No Way Out. In 1999, the rapper released Forever, while in 2001 The Saga Continues was out. We Invented The Remix, Press Play and the Last Train to Paris, are other successful musical projects of the famous singer.

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