SEAL Book Triggers Doubts About Bin Laden’s Death

Navy SEAL’s book “No Easy Day” written by former member of the special forces, Matt Bissonnette, triggered lots of doubts in relation to Bin Laden’s death. The firsthand accounts that were introduced in the manuscript contradict the public declarations of administration officials, the Associated Press reports.

Bin Laden, one of the most feared terrorists of the world was captured and killed on May 2, 2011. A former Navy Seal member, Matt Bissonnette, intuited that people will be interested to hear how the terrorist was captured, so he gathered all the declarations of the Navy Seals who took part in the mission in a collection. The fighters were given fake names and the author himself adopted the pseudonym Mark Owen. His identity was disclosed after the book drew the media’s interest.

Bissonnette claims his story is true, but there are elements which contradict the statements made by administrator officials. According to the author, the Navy Seals shot Bin Laden in the head as soon as he peeked out of the bedroom door. When the Seals arrived in the room, the man’s body was still twitching on the floor, so they shot him until he remained motionless. Administrator officials, on the other hand declared that Bin Laden peeked out the bedroom door and immediately ducked into the room, so fighters assumed he was going to get a gun; therefore, they initiated gunfire.

The apparent contradiction between the two hasn’t been commented in any way by the White House spokesman Tommy Vietor. He wrote an email, however, reminding the media that Bin Laden was a criminal and the Navy Seals risked their lives to bring justice to the world.

“No Easy Day” could quickly become one of the most sold books of the year. In fact, the manuscript was supposed to be published on September 11, but given the increased interest that readers have shown towards it, publishers decided to release it a week earlier, that is, on September 4. The book is already at the top of Amazon and Barnes & Noble best-seller lists.

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