Scott Hall Arrested Over Battery Charges

Dating a pro wrestler with a history of alcohol abuse and familiarity with arrest procedures might not be the best choice a woman would make. And it seems that Scott Hall’s girlfriend learned that the hard way. The former pro wrestler Scott Hall has been arrested over battery charges.

For some Scott Hall remains a legend of pro wrestling, but the latest news about his behavior at retirement might be come as a shock. According to a report by TMZ, the pro wrestling star, now age 53 has been arrested Friday last week over battery charges against his girlfriend Lisa Howell.

TMZ writes that according to the police report they had, Scott Hall had been heavily intoxicated for days with alcohol and some “unknown white secretion flowing from both sides of his mouth”. Officers arrived at the wrestler’s home around 5 pm after a domestic disturbance in progress had been reported.

The officers that responded to the call say that Lisa Howell, the girlfriend, approached them and said that Scott Hall had attacked her. With the wrestler under alcohol influence for days, the couple seemed to have gotten into an argument that soon made Scott Hall enter a state of blind rage.

Lisa Howell said she had enough and wanted to leave, but when she got into the car, Scott Hall simply lost it and tried to pull the woman out of the car by the throat. Officers wrote they have noticed physical injury signs on the woman that can confirm she was physically abused. It was even noted that the woman had fresh red marks on her neck, indicating that indeed she was grabbed by her throat.

Police officers confronted Scott Hall with his girlfriend’s allegations of domestic abuse, but the wrestling star denied them. However, after considering the bruises on Lisa Howell, officers did arrest Scott over domestic battery charges. But because Scott Hall was so drunk, officers at jail refused his entrance so he had to be taken to hospital for medical clearance.

Although Lisa Howell has not filed any charges, officers in charge with the case will surely have something to talk about. In the end, it’s not every day they get to bust someone and cuff a person with two sets of handcuffs.

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