Scott Disick Depressed after Separation from Kourtney Kardashian

Scott Disick and Kourtney Kardashian are no longer a couple. Although the pair has not officially talked about their separation, it has been claimed that Scott was the one who put an end to their romance, leaving Kourtney and the couple’s three children, and being spotted partying and having fun with other women. Now, it seems that the separation has actually left Scott depressed. 

According to some insiders, things have not been simple for Scott after the split. He had struggled with depression and in the attempt to move on he threw a party in his Beverly Hills pad. “He’s in a black hole. It’s a whole lot of darkness where he’s at right now. He’s spiraling out of control,” one insider claimed. 

However, Scott seemed to be having a great time at his party, where he invited a lot of women. Still, there were also some sources out there who claimed that the star had actually thrown no party and the women that were spotted at his home were in fact there to film a music video, all because of the amazing view from the property. Of course, it has not been revealed for which video the crew had filmed in Scott’s home. 

While Scott is said to be depressed, Kourtney seems to have moved on. The star is currently focused on her children and family life. Through a series of posts on social media, Kourtney has shown that she and the kids were having a lot of fun. If Kourtney and Scott want or are able to work things out is yet to see. However, some reports indicated that Kris Jenner will actually be present at any future meet-ups that Scott and Kourtney will be having. 

Actually, according to some insiders, Scott was the one who asked Kris to step in, as he actually thinks that “they need a third party to mediate the next time they talk. For now, he actually suggested Chris be there the next time he sees the kids to help keep things civil.” Insiders also said that Scott visited his children and they spent some quality time together. 


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