Scientologists Set Up Katie Holmes’ Marriage


With all the media coverage the Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise divorce has been getting, scientology has been in the headlines more and more. Reports that Katie Holmes’ divorce filing was due to Tom Cruise’s commitment to the Scientology Church have gone viral. New sources now say that scientologists set up Katie Holmes’ marriage to Tom Cruise.

So more and more people are asking what’s with this Scientology thing. The Washington Post published a report on the Church of Scientology based on the organization’s own website. For the most part, the Church seems to be just as weird as News Corp. CEO Rupert Murdoch tweeted on Sunday. And given a new report published in the New York Post, the Church just got a bit weirder as a source says scientologist set up Katie Holmes’ marriage.

As most young girls, Katie Holmes wanted to marry Tom Cruise. It was a confession the actress made in an interview for Seventeen magazine eight years ago. Andrew Morton, author of “Tom Cruise: An Unauthorized Biography” says the Scientology Church took notice of Katie Holmes’ confession and made it happen. 

Morton writes that David Miscavige, the leader of the Scientology Church, was asked by Tom Cruise himself to help him find another wife. Penelope Cruz and Sofia Vergara were on the list for a short period of time, but they both had issues with the Scientology Church. So Katie Holmes soon started to look like the appropriate match.

The author points out that Katie Holmes was set to marry Tom Terrific only six weeks after her engagement to Chris Klein ended. Morton reveals the actress was promised $3 million for every year of marriage as well as financial rewards for the children she’d give birth to. Scientology insiders say that the original prenup Katie Holmes signed was on a period of five years, so the agreement ended last year in November.

It’s likely that the main reason behind Katie Holmes’ abrupt decision to file for a divorce is preventing Suri from entering the Scientology Church. The little fashionistas is 6 years old, just the age children that join the Church are to undertake a “sec checking”. It’s an interrogation looking to identify anyone who might be hostile to the organization.


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