Scarlett Johansson Flashes New Intriguing Tattoo

Scarlett Johansson tweets pic of her new intriguing tattoo causing people to wonder about her intentions. The actress was rumored to be single again, so the Inquisitr assumes there is a deeper meaning beyond the otherwise simplistic ink. Read the full article and find out more about Scarlett’s new tattoo.

The “Avengers” star broke up with her boyfriend of almost one year, Nate Naylor, in October. Since then she was often linked to various male celebrities, including Domingo Zapata and ex Jared Leto, but Scarlett denied all rumors and insisted that she is single.

The changes that her relationship status has recently suffered inspired Scarlett to adopt a new look, as well. The 27-year-old star posted a photo of her new tattoo on Wednesday hoping to impress followers with her originality. Unfortunately, very few people managed to grasp the message conveyed by the ink, so the actress’ tattoo was quickly labeled as ‘uninspired’.

Johansson, who goes completely makeup free for the picture, lifted her shirt to reveal the new tattoo scribbled on her right-side ribcage. It is a representation of a horseshoe accompanied by the description “Lucky You”, so very few people understood whether the message was ironic or not. The ink was realized with the help of the French graffiti and tattoo artist Fuzi Uvtpk in Paris, last week.

Scarlett was very impressed by Fuzi’s work as soon as she met him and she asked him to design a special tattoo for her. The horseshoe ink he chose for the actress is a lot different than his usual style, but Fuzi wanted the new tat to be a truthful representation of the actress. He usually recreates cartoon-style pictures using surreal subjects, but this time he limited his imagination to more concrete items.

Unlike other actresses, who sport their tattoos on every occasion, Scarlett Johansson has always been discreet about the inks on her body. This doesn’t mean she doesn’t have other tattoos besides the recently acquired one. In fact, the actress embellished various parts of her body with different images, such as, the sunrise on her left inner-forearm, the bracelet on her right wrist, and the infinity-style tattoo on her right inner-ankle.

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  1. Apparently, she went tattoo with her french boyfriend. An unknown journalist called Romain dauriac. He’s a friend of the artist, and had a tattoo also ùùùùùùùùùùùùùùù

  2. That is far from a “special design” but that’s not the worst of the situation. That tattoo is VERY POORLY applied… SMH, I guess even the rich and famous aren’t immune to the draw of shitty tatto artists with rock star attitudes.

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