Satya Nadella Wants Microsoft to Grow

Famous Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella wants the company to grow. The chief executive officer of Microsoft has actually arranged a meeting with his vice presidents with the main purpose to ask them to “step it up.” 

Actually, there is no shock in the fact that Nadella is seeking growth. The famous chief executive officer has previously sent an open letter to all Microsoft employees, asking them to show more dedication for their work and the company. 

Satya Nadella first started as CEO for Microsoft back in February. Ever since that moment, the star has been looking for ways to offer a brand new approach to the famous company. It has been rumored that the new CEO is willing to cut more than 18,000 jobs, kill a series of unpromising products and boost the sales of a series of successful Microsoft products. Moreover, it has been said that the company wants to reduce its reliance on software installed on personal computers, while presenting a series of effective new products. 

However, this is not a simple task for Nadella and for Microsoft. In fact, Microsoft has passed through a not that great time, with a series of challenges to overcome. Unfortunately for the company, products such as the Surface tablet and Windows smartphones have not reached the success that everyone at  Microsoft hoped to see. 

All the efforts made by the company now are aiming to bring enhanced profits for the famous tech giant. It has been revealed that Microsoft wants a growth of about 16 percent. This means that it anticipates sales to grow to $23 billion. 

So, according to Nadella, Microsoft should mostly focus on productivity and platforms that are more similar to what the CEO has found in this company in the 1990s, when he joined Microsoft. However, Nadella naturally has a new vision. The company that he sees in the future is a company focused on products such as Windows and Office, but in a mobile and high technological world. What Microsoft will be able to achieve and if the company will reach all its goals is something yet to be found out.

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