Satya Nadella Says the Post-Post PC Era is here

The CEO of Microsoft decided to talk about the future of the industry, saying that the Post-Post PC era is here now. The star made some interesting comments when it comes to the way the electronics industry will evolve. 

“I think we’re at the very beginning of what I describe as the post-post-PC era,” Satya Nadella said. The CEO of Microsoft went to add that the number of people who use portable and highly functional devices such as smartphones and tablet computers is in continuous growth. This means that PCs and laptops are now losing their popularity. People who primary use PCs are commonly seen as “dinosaurs,” the star said. 

This is a different view from the one of Steve Jobs, who claimed that people will always need PCs, no matter how this industry will evolve. Actually, Jobs compared PCs to trucks, saying that they will continue to be needed for some purposes, no matter what. After the interview, a series of comments occurred on what Satya Nadella really meant to say. 

Nadella posted various messages on his Twitter account to clarify things out. The CEO of Microsoft claimed that the post-post PC era actually features four important characteristics. They are people centered, data fueled, balanced monetization, as well as more human. Nadella went on to add that the most powerful operating system in the world is still the human being. 

So, Nedella claims that the most powerful driver of the new era is the individual. During his latest appearance, the famous CEO of Microsoft also said that the acquisition of Nokia was a great thing for the company. So, he went to defend the purchase of the company. The new CEO of Microsoft also decided to talk about his personal struggle, saying that two of his three children have special needs. 

Actually, a great part of the new interview was focused on the personal story of Satya Nadella. The CEO of Microsoft was also asked about the Surface tablet and he claimed that this new device is a promising one. He also added that he has no idea what are the strengths and the weaknesses of Google and he spends no time thinking about them. 

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