Sasha Baron’s “Dictator” Strolls Cannes Promenade With Camel

Sasha Baron could not miss the opportunity of promoting his latest movie “The Dictator” in the opening day of the film festival. The actor showed up in his character costume and later on, strolled the promenade of Cannes in company of his Camel, says Reuters.

The creator of “Borat” and “Bruno” made a unique appearance at the Cannes festival just as press members were getting ready to watch the first film of the festival. The interpreter of General Aladeen was flanked by two sexy brunettes when he captured everyone’s attention. Baron and his two assistants were wearing military clothes, whereas his leggy bodyguards were also carrying fake Kalashnikovs.

One of the photographers made a joke and asked the Dictator not to shoot. The actor replied telling everyone to relax because he is a dictator, so he doesn’t want people to get hurt. Baron was soon surrounded by photographers, reporters and police officers who were struggling to maintain the order.

As if the presence of the actor was not enough to drive people insane, the Dictator brought his camel with him. He tried to mount the dromedary and pretended to fall backwards, thus reminding people of his clumsy character from “Borat”.

The show went on for several more minutes as Sasha decided that the camel needed a walk. He headed towards the stores of the Cannes boulevard and invited everyone at a shopping session. “Let’s go shopping!” were the last words the actor yelled before entering a Ralph Lauren store only to purchase a bright orange scarf for his camel.

“The Dictator” is expected to be launched this week in U.S. and various other locations. The movie was written and produced by Sasha Baron who got his inspiration from the popular uprisings taking place throughout the Middle East. His character, Aladeen, was said to resemble the recently deceased dictators, Muammar Gaddafi and Saddam Hussein.

Baron’s cinematographic initiatives have been criticized at first because the actor was too vulgar in his first two films, “Borat” and “Bruno”. Unlike the previous productions, “The Dictator” received a 60.5 percent positive rating on movie review websites.

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