Sarah Jessica Parker Hosts Fundraiser For Barack Obama

Sarah Jessica Parker proves fashion and politics can make a great team by hosting a fundraiser for Barack Obama. According to Huffington Post, the actress and the Vogue editor Anna Wintour are co-hosting a special event on June 14 to support the President’s reelection campaign.

To be honest, politics makes a great team with pretty much everything as long as the outcome presupposes a lot of votes and hopefully, a political victory. This time, however, it is Sarah Jessica Parker and her friend, Anna Wintour who support Barack Obama’s presidential campaign. The two have invited people to donate at least $3 for Obama’s campaign at a special website. Those who give money will automatically enter the competition which enables them to win invitations to the June 14 event. Barack Obama and his wife, Michelle will both attend the event which will be held at Parker’s house in New York.

The 30-second ad was first presented to the public during the MTV Movie Awards on Sunday. The TV spot features Sarah Jessica Parker explaining why it is important to contribute to Obama’s campaign. According to her, Obama is the “guy” who ended the war in Iraq, who created 4 million new jobs and says people should be free to marry whomever they want; therefore, he deserves to be supported by as many people as possible.

Parker further stated that she is a strong supporter of Obama because he is the only candidate who actually cares about electors. In her opinion, the upcoming elections will prove whether America is willing to move forward or go back to policies that take from middle-class people, while favoring the wealthy ones. By choosing Barack, all Americans will have a fair shot at success, was the actress’ final declaration.

This is the second fundraiser that is organized for Obama. The first one was performed by George Clooney when the actor did a terrific job convincing people to donate. Based on statistics, the actor managed to raise $15 million during the fundraiser.

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