Sarah Hyland and Wells Adams Relationship Timeline with Pictures

With the right motives! Sarah Hyland and Wells Adams are examples of how Instagram can be the starting point of a wonderful love story.

DailyGossip exclusively reported how the Modern Family star and the Bachelor in Paradise bartender began dating in October of 2017. Then, a few months later Hyland confirmed that the pair connected via social media.

“Have you seen the memes of ‘Slide into the DMs”? It’s. He was able to slip into the DMs,” the actress said during Jimmy Kimmel Live! in January of this year. “I found him to be funny and was a big fan of myshow]. I saw him as a bartender, and I thought”That’s so cute!'”

Hyland spoke of Adams the decision to secretly messaging her was the perfect mix between “sexy,” but not “aggressive.”

“I had just started dating, evidently and I thought to myself”This is so amazing. You’re very flirty,” she said at the time. “But very confident and sexy, and I liked that.”

The couple took an additional step forward in their relationships in their summer vacation in the year 2018, when they made the decision to live the same place and live together in Los Angeles.

Hyland later thanked Adams with helping her cope with kidney dysplasia. an illness that was debilitating and caused her to consider suicide.

“He’s seen me at my worst,” she said to Self magazine in December 2018. “I believe that’s the reason why I see most attractive in his eyes since he still considers me beautiful after all of that. It was a very intimate and intimate beginning to a friendship to be faced with those obstacles at the beginning, at the very beginning as you’re only beginning to get to know someone.”

Adams In return, Adams said his girlfriend was”the “real-life version” of Wonder Woman in the same month.

“Imagine the possibility of having an organ that is vital replaced. Imagine having 16 procedures, attending hundreds of doctor’s visits while taking thousands of medications. Imagine losing weight due to of dialysis, medications negative effects and stress. Imagine, then being forced to go through the process over and over again. The only difference is that this time you kept it at a distance while recovering and online trolls judged the way you looked,” the podcast host said to DailyGossip exclusively about Hyland’s health issues in the midst of. “Oh you can also add making the most hilarious show on television and then acting as executive producer and star in a film … as well as not breaking down. Never losing it. I’m aware that Gal Gadot has the role of Wonder Woman on film, however, Sarah is the real-life version.”

Adams and Hyland became engaged in July of 2019. “That can’t eat, can’t sleep, reach for the stars, over the fence, world series kind of stuff,” the comedian captioned the photo of their beach proposal by quoting the 1995 movie It Takes Two.

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