Sara Leal fling was the final straw for Demi and Ashton

After the divorce news, a friend of actress Demi Moore, reveals that Ashton Kutcher’s affair with Sara Leal was the final straw for the couple. Over the years, they had their ups and downs, but having a one-night-stand on their sixth wedding anniversary took Moore to the point that she could not forgive anymore.
“Two And A Half Men” star Ashton Kutcher and “Margin Call” actress Demi Moore, have announced on Thursday that they are planning on getting a divorce. The news was a shock for their fans and the news spread rapidly, feeding the media pages and television shows for days. The affair is still in the center of attention, as sources close to the couple have begun to unveil how things really were between the two.

One insider recently told Us Weekly that Ashton’s one-night-stand with kiss-and-tell Sara Leal was “the last straw” for Demi. “[It] has just been too humiliating for Demi to get over”. One important detail that hit the actress emotionally was the fact that it happened on the night of their sixth wedding anniversary. She “just couldn’t look at Ashton the same way and the marriage… completely unraveled”, the insider said and added that, even if she still loves Ashton, the lack of respect that she endured was too much. More than that, she wants to set an example for her children “and this was just something she could not rationalize to them or to herself.”  She spent weeks in counseling and at the end, she realized she could not deal with the public humiliation in a healthy way.
Sara Leal was the one talking to Us Weekly, days after the fling. She gave details about that night, including the fact that, at the beginning, there were them two and one more girl; Kutcher had asked them if they were on birth control pills; when his wife was brought up in the conversation, he had told the girls that he and Moore were separated.

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