Sandy Brings Stack Of WWII Love Letters On the NJ Beach

It seems silver linings are not just for clouds, but for hurricanes also. This is what Kathleen Mullen, a resident of Atlantic Highlands, N.J., must have said to herself when she discovered a stack of WWII love letters on the New Jersey Beach.

Superstorm Sandy has made it almost impossible for East Coast residents to enjoy their everyday lives. Kathleen Mullen decided to take a walk on the beach on Friday morning to clear her mind of the problems that have been troubling her ever since the hurricane hit her home. She suddenly noticed a stack of old love letters tied with a pink ribbon amidst the ruins that Sandy left behind.

Mullen told reporters at ABC that she assumed the papers were love letters because they were tied with a pink ribbon. Her suppositions turned out to be true when she took a closer look at them. It appears the letters have been written during WWII, more precisely between 1942 and 1947. Dorothy Fallon of Rumson, N.J., and Lynn Farnham of Vermont were the two lovers who signed the letters.

Driven by a strong feeling of curiosity and by a powerful desire to discover the owners of the WWII love letters, Mullen took to the Internet to solve the mystery. She first wrote a post about the stack of letters on Facebook, then on Craigslist and eventually resorted to the website Findagrave. According to the information provided by the website, Lynn Farnham died in 1992 and was buried in New Jersey, but her niece, Shelly Farnham-Hilber, was still alive and lived in Virginia.

Farnham-Hilber was equally thrilled about the discovery that Mullen had made. She told the press that the stack of WWII love letters was like a “genealogical gold mine”. She further revealed that Lynn Farnham, her uncle, served in WWII as a soldier at Pearl Harbor. The two lovers reunited after the war and had two children.

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