Sandra Bullock to Make $70 Million for Gravity Role

One of the toughest roles that Sandra Bullock had so far has brought the actress an impressive income. The star received no less than $70 million for her role in Gravity

The $70 million that Gravity has brought Sandra so far have actually made this project the best paid one in the acting career of the star. Sandra received a $20 million fee, as well as a cut from the box-office gross of the movie. 

Sandra Bullock has already claimed that this has been the toughest role in her career, being trapped inside a dark box for up to 10 hours per day. In the movie, the actress had to interpret the role of an astronaut who remains alone in space and is struggling to survive. 

The star plays Dr Ryan Stone in the movie. Besides shooting inside a small and dark box, Sandra was alone, in complete silence, sometimes even with a clamp around her leg. There is no wonder that the actress claimed that this experience has actually been terrifying. 

In the movie, Sandra stars alongside actor George Clooney, but the star had been on the set only for 3 weeks. So, most of the time, Sandra was really alone. The actress said that she and Clooney spent very little time filming together. 

“You are basically in solitary confinement with only your own thoughts and a lot of quiet. So when I was locked in that box and just sitting there for hours while they were setting up, I had nothing. Your mind goes to the craziest places. I was depressed, I was angry,” Sandra previously said. 

Gravity has been a huge success so far, the movie already grossing over $700 million worldwide. The Hollywood Reporter was the one who revealed that Sandra has a cut from the profits of the movie, which is quite unusual for an actor. However, it seems that the actress was able to make this great deal for her. 

It was reported that Bullock has already received $50 million, while the rest of $20 million will come from DVD sales and television broadcast. 

Sandra Bullock has also been nominated at the Oscars for her amazing role in Gravity. Her movie was one of the most acclaimed movies of 2013, receiving no less than 10 Oscar nominations. 

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