Samsung Unveils Windows Phone

Reuters relates that Samsung has unveiled a new Windows Phone during a Berlin electronics show on Wednesday. The announcement comes just a few days before the release of Nokia’s smartphone which will arrive on the market on September 5.

The South Korean company has many aces up the sleeve against Apple, its main rival on the smartphone market. Now that the American court has ruled that Samsung violated Apple’s patents, the Galaxy S III manufacturer will team up with Finnish mobile maker, Nokia, to maintain its leading position.

Analysts who were present at the Wednesday electronic convention in Berlin were taken by surprise by the new Windows smartphone that spokespersons have unveiled. The move was, nevertheless, anticipated because analysts were expecting smartphone makers to turn to Windows 8 now that Samsung’s Android-based devices have been prohibited in the United States.

The Windows-based phone released by Samsung was very appreciated by analysts. Sid Parakh, an analyst at investment firm McAdams Wright Ragen, told the press that the phone has an interesting design.  In his opinion, Samsung and Windows were never preoccupied to produce the best designs because Google’s Android was doing well on the market. Given the recent changes in the environment, Samsung will most likely shift its resources towards other companies in order to increase their exposure.

Nokia, on the other hand, may be in danger of experiencing further losses due to Samsung’s new phone. The Finnish mobile maker used to be the world’s leading producer of phones. Unfortunately, the company failed to produce smartphones and Nokia is currently struggling to recover its stability. Their first Windows 8-based phone will be released on September 5 in New York after a long period of anticipation.

Samsung’s new smartphone is called ATIV S and it could represent a strong competitor for Lumia, considering its features. The smartphone was endowed with a high-end 4.8-inch display, Corning “Gorilla” glass, and an 8-megapixel rear camera, as well as a 1.9-megapixel front-facing camera. Tero Kuittinen, analyst at mobile analytics firm Alekstra, thinks Nokia’s new phone should sport a monster camera handset of 40 or maybe 20 megapixels; otherwise, customers may be disappointed.

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