Samsung Unveils Galaxy S5

Finally, the much expected Galaxy S5 has been unveiled. And Samsung has surely managed to impress with its new device. 

The Samsung Galaxy S5 that has just been revealed by the company comes with a fingerprint reader and a bigger screen. The technology that Samsung has added to its phone is actually more advanced than what we could find in the previous generation devices. 

The new phone was unveiled ahead of the Mobile World Congress, which took place in Barcelona. Apparently, Samsung has tried to draw high-end customers from other smartphone manufacturers, including Apple and its popular iPhone, with its new release. 

In case you are interested in purchasing the new phone, it will go on sale starting with April 11. The device was presented at the technology event by Min Cho, the marketing director of Samsung. Min claimed that Samsung’s new phone is water-resistant, can read fingerprints and comes with better battery life, compared to S4. 

The device uses Android software and it features the fourth-generation networks and Wi-Fi. It comes with a 16 megapixels camera, which is surely great having under consideration that previous models featured a 13 megapixel camera model. The new phone features a 2.5GHz Quad-Core processor with 2GB RAM. 

However, one of the innovative features of the new Samsung Galaxy S5 is the Download Booster, which is a Wi-Fi technology that can boost data speed. Many fitness features can be found in this phone, as well. Overall, the phone can be described as a stylish product, which really looks great. 

Samsung was expected to release a great product and it seems that the company has not disappointed. In fact, after the release of the latest generation iPhone in September, Samsung needed to find a way to draw high-end customers to its products. 

The new Samsung Galaxy S5 can be purchased in 4 colors: black, white, blue and gold. The 5.1-inch display naturally is full high definition. 

How well will the new phone be received by the market? Well, this is without a doubt a difficult to answer question. Moreover, it is expected for the iPhone to make its own release soon, so most likely Apple will also introduce a great product, too, which will compete with the S5 to conquer high-end markets. 

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